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Annotated sequences

Sequence: Ds3 primer (462 bp)
TIGR annotation chromosome: 1, insertion site: 700358, score: 789, pubName: At1g03030,
feature: 68414.t00239, feature coordinates: 701489-703864, locus: F10O3.15,
comName: phosphoribulokinase/uridine kinase family protein, pubComment: contains Pfam PF00485: Phosphoribulokinase / Uridine kinase family; Belongs to Interpro IPR006083 Phosphoribulokinase/uridine kinase family; similar to Uridine kinase (Uridine monophosphokinase) (SP:P27515) {Saccharomyces cerevisiae}; ESTs gb AA585719, gb AA728503 and gb T22272 come from this gene,
insertion location: upstream of gene, orientation: GUS opposite direction as gene, annotated: 2005-08-18


No aerial expression scores are available for this line.

No root expression scores are available for this line.

Phenotype:   none yet observed

Pedigree:   DsE6 X Ac6