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Annotated sequences

Sequence: Ds3 primer (424 bp)
TIGR annotation chromosome: 1, insertion site: 2164859, score: 787, pubName: At1g07050,
feature: 68414.t00671, feature coordinates: 2165238-2164191, locus: F10K1.24,
comName: CONSTANS-like protein-related, pubComment: contains similarity to photoperiod sensitivity quantitative trait locus (Hd1) GI:11094203 from (Oryza sativa); similar to Zinc finger protein constans-like 15 (SP:Q9FHH8) {Arabidopsis thaliana},
insertion location: within gene, orientation: GUS opposite direction as gene, annotated: 2005-08-15


Aerial expression:

shoot apex
overall leaf primordia SAM stipules vasculature other
none low med high

overall vasculature epidermis hydathodes petiole guard cells

overall vasculature epidermis guard cells

immature leaf
overall vasculature hydathodes midvein epidermis petiole proximal
guard cells abaxial distal trichomes adaxial marginal

Root expression:

overall vasculature root cap epidermis root hairs lateral root root tip colet


unknown extra leaves 1993-10-13

Pedigree:   DsE2 X Ac2